Legendary Norwegian Black Thrashers NOCTURNAL BREED return! And with them, they bring a very special present
for their loyal fan base in Germany. “The Whiskey Tapes” are an exclusive compilation of previously unreleased material. Further versions are planned to follow, yet the German version, “The Whiskey Tapes Germany”, are
supposed to be a special release for any NOCTURNAL BREED fan four years after their last full-length album
“Napalm Nights”. Alongside demo versions, old material and songs exclusively picked for the German audience, the
compilation will also include the song “Evil Dead”, honoring Chuck Schuldiner (ex DEATH, died December 13th,
2001). The band comments:
“This release is for us very special, as are the German fans to us! The Teutonians have always been one of our
biggest support group, and to be able to present an album hand made for the German comfort is a big deal to us.
This is a nonprofit release for the band, and it is solely intended to be a gift from NOCTURNAL BREED to the
German fans as a thank you for always being there and always supporting the true essence of metal music. So
here are 12 old and rare versions and tracks for you to bang your heads to, as well as 4 absolutely exclusive tracks
aimed just for the Teutonic hearts out there.”
Of course, the material has been carefully remastered to guarantee the best headbanging possible, as one is used
to expect from NOCTURNAL BREED since 1996, when they started to establish themselves as a name within the
scene's underground through countless shows and albums.

The release date for the CD is set up for the 05/31/2018
A vinyl version will be out in August.


SCHRAT are one of these underground bands who have slowly, yet continuously worked on their status within the
scene. Following their own path consistently and without making any compromises, the Bavarian trio has created
works full of darkness and icy coldness. The new album “Alptraumgänger” (“Nightmare walker” in English) now
depicts the final of another creative period that has filled the band’s producing over the last couple of years and
now finds its climax in a fulminant conclusion. On “Alptraumgänger”, the listener can expect an advancing journey
into the past, covering two different topical parts. Stylistically, the songs distinguish themselves through a stronger
focus on aggressiveness and brutality, yet always with the typical flair of SCHRAT: melodic, old school, symphonic,
cold as ice! The foundation of their contemporary songwriting was already to be heard on “Schattenwahn” (2011), it
has matured on the “Artefakt” EP (2015) and now presents itself on an entirely new level on “Alptraumgänger”.
Fittingly, the lyrics intensify the impact of the compositions – odes to the Schrat as personified revenge and destruction, and the unleashing of the subconscious manifest themselves with the musical eruptions to become a
nightmarish, intense atmosphere.
Live recordings of selected songs coin the second part of “Alptraumgänger”, pulling the listener into their spell. The
concept of SCHRAT incorporates both studio recordings and in an essential way the live depiction of the created
tones. In combination with the traditional sound, they are both a reminiscence to past rituals and a forecast of
future endeavors.
“Alptraumgänger” also is the band’s debut on Folter Records – a label that has been SCHRAT’s desired partner and
homeport for years. With this release, the partnership now becomes reality.


In January 2018 will begin the recording session for the 4th full length album, entitled ''ΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ ΑΙΩΝΙΟΣ (The Termination Thesis).

The album is schedule to be released end of May 2018 via Folter Records. Cover art by Vergvoktre.

track list:
1)Human Condition
2)Thrownness and Fallenness of Being
3)Lurk in the Shadows
4) Erkenntnis
5) Death is Omnipotent.
6)From Synthesis to Aposynthesis part1. Synthesis
7)From Synthesis to Aposynthesis part2. Destruction of Alithia
(or How to Exorcise Death through Illusions)
8) From Synthesis to Aposynthesis part3. Aposynthesis


We are glad to announce that Finnish Black Metallers AUTHOR have signed a deal with us. They've already announced to enter the studio in early 2018 to record their second album.
The release is expected somewhere in 2018 as well.


NOCTURNAL BREED signs with Folter Records

Norwegian Black/Thrash Metallers NOCTURNAL BREED have signed a deal with German scene label Folter Records. The band, founded back in 1996, has also announced further details about upcoming releases. The first three and long-time-sold-out albums will be re-released on vinyl via Folter Records:

"Aggressor" (1997)
"No Retreat ... No Surrender" (1998)
"The Tools of the Trade" (2000)

Furthermore, the label will release the German version of NOCTURNAL BREEDs collector album „Whiskey Tapes Germany“. A Columbian version is available now, Mexico and Poland will follow soon as well. The albums contains 12 unreleased songs and four exclusive songs per country.


NARBELETH & ARCKANUM will release their new albums end of September.

”Den Förstfödde” is Arckanum’s 9th studio album after 25 years of existence.
The album ”Den Förstfödde” is a dedication to Loki’s and Gullveig’s firstborn, Jörmungandr.
The songs are invocations, prayers and magical formulas, and they are designed to enkindle the black flames of Thursian Powers, its followers and Ragnarök. “Blow your venom and stretch your wings oh Mighty Dragon!”


"Indomitvs" is a work full of magic and mysticism, a piece of traditional Black Metal, 7 tracks of classic NARBELETH plus a cover version of ARCKANUM, a band that have influenced and inspired me over the years.

HALPHAS signed to Folter Records

HALPHAS signed to Folter Records

HALPHAS was founded in 2014 by Tempestas (Drums), Thurstan (Guit.), Forcas (Bass) and Legatus (Vocals). Already the following year the band released a first demo with three songs. After Avnas (Guit.) completed the lineup in 2016, the recordings for the first full-lenght-album „Dawn of a crimson empire“ began soon.
From the beginning, the band focused on the creation of uncompromising, original black metal, characterized by epic melodies, catchy mid-tempo passages and brachial but also multifaceted vocals. The songs are about death, hatred, pain and dark desires. The eternal struggle and the inner striving for strength are a central lyrical theme.


The tank's rolling on.
The alliance between THE COMMITTEE and Folter Records is refreshed and we are ready for new battles. New weapons are in production and the cannon will be loaded with seven extra big bullets. The big bang is set for February 25th, 2017 with a record release party in Berlin - NUKE Club with ANGELCORPSE & STREAMS OF BLOOD.
More infos will follow soon.


FIN have signed with Folter Records

US duo FIN have signed with Folter Records as well. Some of you have seen them live at this year's Under The Black Sun Open Air. The band will return to Europe soon as they are going to play at Steelfest in Finland 2017.

ARCKANUM signs with Folter Records

Legendary Swedish Black Metal band ARCKANUM have signed with Folter Records and Shamaatae is currently working on new songs. So you can expect a new record in spring 2017.

BURIAL HORDES signs with Folter Records

We are proud to announce that well-known Greece Black/Death Metallers Burial Hordes join forces with Folter Records. First part of this unholy cooperation will be the release of a MCD/10'' called „Extinction“ to be released in Autumn 2016!

Keep your eyes open for more news to follow soon!

Video "Extinction" EP 2016

2 new releases out

End of June we got 2 new releases out.

WHIPSTRIKER (Brazil) - Seven Inches of Hell 2LP
countains all 7"EPs from the early years.


SZARLEM (Germany)/ DRENGSKAPUR (Germany)- Ritual 7"EP which have 2 new songs of each band.


We are very proud to announce the release of 2 ARCKANUM Boxsets.

ARCKANUM-"Antikosmos" Boxset which contains a PicLP, LS, Metal-Pin and poster
1.     Svarti     06:02      
2.     Dauðmellin     04:34      
3.     Røkulfargnýr     05:04      
4.     Blóta loka     05:14    
5.     Nákjeptir     04:06      
6.     Eksortna     01:29       instrumental
7.     Sú vitran     06:25    
8.     Formála     04:06      
Total:      37:00    

ARCKANUM-"ÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞ" Boxset which contains PicLP, TS, patch and slipmat.
1.     Þórhati     03:59      
2.     Þann svartís     04:06      
3.     Þyrpas ulfar     05:36    
4.     Þursvitnir     05:49    
5.     Þyrstr     01:33       instrumental
6.     Þjóbaugvittr     04:45      
7.     Þjazagaldr     04:54      
8.     Þá kómu Niflstormum     07:47    
9.     Þrúðkyn     04:29      
10.     Þríandi     04:16      
11.     Þyteitr     02:47       instrumental
Total: 50:01

Both boxsets will be released on 06.06.2016 and are now available for pre-order.


Bands at studio

STREAMS OF BLOOD & NORTHERN PLAGUE entered the studio to record their new albums, which will be released by Folter Records in September.


Come visit FOLTER RECORDS at our booth at the following festivals:
30.06. - 02.07.2016 UNDER THE BLACK SUN, Helenenau
22.07. - 23.07.2016 CHAOS DESCENDS FESTIVAL, Crispendorf
11.08. - 13.08.2016 PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR, Schlotheim
18.08. - 21.08.2016 BARTHER METAL OPEN AIR, Barth

New Releases

We are proud to announce the following vinyl releases (the release dates will follow soon):
WHIPSTRIKER "Seven Inches Of Hell" - 2LP
DRENGSKAPUR / SZARLEM "Ritual" - 7" Split-EP


We will release NARVIK's second album "Ascension To Apotheosis". CD will be out on 27th of May 2016.


We are glad to announce that NARVIK are now part of the Folter Records family. Keep your eyes open for further information.


We welcome HAGL (Norway) in the Folter Records family. The new band formed by members of BEASTCRAFT, ENDEZZMA and KVAEL. Their debut album will be unleashed in early 2015. Here is a first taste of "Lenket til Livet"!


Folter Records is very proud to announce you the new signing CORPUS CHRISTII from Portugal.
At first we will release the last album "Luciferian Frequencies" on Vinyl. A new album is written and will be out in spring 2015.

new releases

Out now:
NARBELETH (Cuba) - A Hatred Manifesto CD
DEATHROW (Italy) - The Eerie Sound of the Slow Awakening CD
MURDER (International) - King of Tyranny MCD

- after one month delay the LP of THE COMMITTEE - "Power Through Unity" is out now

- at 01.10.2014 serbian Black Metal horde THE STONE will release their new album "Nekroza", the vinyl version will comes out 2 months later.

- also in October we will release a split 7"EP of TROLL / AEON WINDS

- furthermore in November we will release the LP of NARBELETH - A Hatred Manifesto with 5 bonus songs from the "Dark Primitive Cult" Demo and 2 songs from the "Hail Black Metal" EP

New Signings

Today we will inform you about new signings at Folter Records and here we go:


Cuba is still an unexplored landscape in the metal world but one of the most promising Central American Black Metal bands is coming right from this island – NARBELETH! This project from one man army Drakkar is looking back to a past in the deepest underground but both the EP "Hail Black Metal" and the debut album "Diabolus Incarnatus" are counted as real treasuries by collectors of exotic music.With the signing with renowned scene label Folter Records for the second album "A Hatred Manifesto", NARBELETH's music will finally also get the attention it deserves in Europe. You can expect seven own compositions full of unleashed and raw passion. The influences, mainly found in early 90's Skandinavia,


DEATHROW is the solo project of Thorns, drummer of ACHERONTAS, FIDES INVERSA, KULT, FROSTMOON ECLIPSE, ex-NOCTERNITY, ex-APTORIAN DEMON, ex-GLORIOR BELLIi and many others. DEATHROW stands for the only purpose of creating minimalistic, old school Black-Metal. Not here to teach people how to play, not here to show people innovative music. Here you can find only darkness, in its purest and natural form. A distant echo of what once was in the glorious 90's.

MURDER (International)

Finally, after years of dwelling in darkness and secrecy we are proud to present the crowning of the debut mini album for the notorious sadistic blackened thrash entity, MURDER! Uncompromisingly crafted in Hellsound studio by the old goats from AVENGER, MASTER´S HAMMER, THE STONE and WINTERBLUT.

NORTHERN PLAGUE had to cancel the tour

NORTHERN PLAGUE had to cancel all dates of their "We Are The Plague Tour" because of private reasons.


KULT on Vinyl

On 15. April 2014 we will release the KULT-"Unleahed From Dismal Light" album on Vinyl.
The LP is limited to 333 copies and available in 3 colours.
50x Bone White
50x Oxblood Red
233x Regular Black


We are very proud to inform you that today the debut album "Power Through Unity" of THE COMMITTEE has been released!
The first reviews coming in and they all are very positive:

metal.de – 9/10
Legacy – 12/15
schwarzesbayern.de – 5/5
nocturnemagazine.net – 9,5/10
ffm-rock.de – 8/10
welovemetal.com – 7,5/10
metal4.de – 7/10
Destructive Music - 10/10

The band has produced a promo video from the title track "Power Through Unity"
A LP version is planned for May.


Folter Records proudly presents the awaited first full-length album called "Manifesto" from the new underground sensation Northern Plague. Even in this early state of their career this young polish band is already handled in one league with the big names in extreme metal such as BEHEMOTH and VADER with a great potential for the forthcoming future. In relation to the media echo all critics so far agree that these youngsters are not just a copy or another pattern band.

The attributes of their music named SPEED, TECHNICAL PERFECTION, POWER and VARIETY, brutal and frantic blast-salves paired with melodic elements and considered breaks. Whatever you like to label it, if Death-,
Extreme-, Melodic Death Metal one thing is undeniable, it fits the term CONVINCING! 

So dont hesitate to convince yourself!

NORTHERN PLAGUE streaming lyric video for new song

Polands new hope on the front of extreme music, Northern Plague published a Lyric Video for the Song "Reign Mother War", check it out here or on YouTube.

The song is from the upcoming debut full album release "Manifesto" under the banner of infamous Folter Rec. and gives you an impression what will come over the scene due the 25th January 2014.

The final result, recorded at Sound Division Studio (BEHEMOTH, DECAPITATED, HATE) by producer
Arkadiusz "Malta" Malczewski as well as at Hertz Studios, the polish forge of Death & Black Metal music
is a brutal assault including the following tracks:

1. Century of Waste

2. Divide et Impera

3. Reign Mother War

4. Let the World Burn

5. The Edge

6. Legion

7. Unclean Words

8. Manifesto


So dont miss it!

Please also check the band´s web presents:



Concert section online

Check out our new Concert section and find out where our bands will be hitting the stage soon!

Also check for updates or schedule edits.

Upcoming release on Folter Records: NORTHERN PLAGUE

The Polish Death Metal formation Northern Plague have just released their artwork and tracklist for their newest effort "Manifesto". The album is made up of rough compositions, strong and melodic guitars,
black metalesque vocals, organicly sounding rythmic section and enormous sound.

The album was recorded at Sound Division Studio in Warsaw. The producer and sound engineer was Arkadiusz "Malta" Malczewski [Behemoth, Decapitated, Hate], who was also responsible for the album mix.
The mastering process took place at the domain of the famous HERTZ Studio.

And the cover artwork was done by painter, graphic designer and artist Lukasz Radziszewski.

The album will be hitting the shelves on 25th Jan 2014.

New Homepage released

Today our new website have been released. As from now on this will be your source of information about all our artists, which are still and always will be the most  brutal selection of the best underground Death N`Black Metal bands.

Our upcoming release will be "Unleashed By Dismal Light" as recorded by Italian Black Metal Horde KULT. Be prepared for a nihilistic and satanic piece of wrath!!!

We have new signings:

IT`S ON!!!